This procedure is giving blood for yourself to be used for scheduled surgery during the following 42 days. Receiving your own blood is the safest and most effective blood transfusion available, but can only be done on your physician’s orders. Your doctor will advise you how many units you should give. Donations must be spaced at least five days apart and the last unit drawn at least seven working days prior to your surgery.

What You Must Do

  • Discuss this possibility with your doctor to determine that no medical risks are associated with donating your own blood. Lane Blood Center’s Medical Director will assist your doctor, if needed, in providing information regarding medical conditions and autologous donations.
  • Obtain a written prescription from your doctor that specifies the date of surgery, the number of units needed and other pertinent information. We must have this prescription before your blood is drawn.
  • Discuss with your doctor the need for supplemental iron.
  • Call Lane Blood Center at (541) 484-9111 to schedule an appointment. Autologous donor hours are on Monday and Thursday mornings. View donor hours.


Contact the blood bank about the cost of autologous blood donations. Fees cover the cost of collection, testing, storage and delivery, and will be billed to your hospital account.

If your surgery is cancelled and you do not enter the hospital, the fee will be billed to you by Lane Blood Center. The blood bank is unable to bill insurance companies. Unfortunately, Medicare and Medicaid will not pay this service fee if your surgery is cancelled.


If you are unable to donate for yourself, tested volunteer donor blood will be available for your use.

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