What is plateletpheresis?

Plateletpheresis is a procedure during which your blood is drawn and passed through a cell-separating machine that collects only the platelets. The remaining blood components are returned directly to you. Your body will replace the donated platelets within 72 hours. This donation could be a “single” collection or a “double” collection. Depending on your platelet count and availability, we may be able to collect two plateletpheresis units, a “double” unit, from a single donation!

Who needs platelets?

Platelets are blood cells that help control bleeding. They are most often needed by children and adults with cancer or leukemia, open-heart surgery patients, and victims of traumatic injuries.

What are the donation requirements?

Plateletpheresis donors must meet the same requirements as whole blood donors, plus additional criteria:

  • A+, AB+, AB-, B+ or O+ blood type
  • 16 to 65 years of age
  • Large veins in one or both arms
  • Successful whole blood donation with no reaction
  • No aspirin-containing medication within 48 hours of donation
  • No anti-inflammatory medication within 24 hours of donation
  • Adequate platelet count
  • Available weekdays for one to two hours

Call (800) 398-7888 for more information or to schedule your platelet donation.