Everyone has a different reason for donating blood. Sometimes, donors are motivated by a general volunteer spirit, a desire to do good and to help people in need. Sometimes donors give for more personal reasons.

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We recently asked our Facebook followers why they give, and we got some amazing and touching responses.

A Family Tradition

“My mom gave all the time, and I remember she always tried to have an appointment on her birthday. When she got Alzheimer’s and couldn’t give anymore, I started giving. Now that i’m a Stage 4 cancer patient and it isn’t recommended that I donate anymore, my daughter has stepped up to continue the giving.” –Laura C.

Overcoming Loss

“Back in 1981, I had a baby that was born premature. After 10 days he died. I felt so helpless. Donating blood took away the feeling of helplessness. I was able to help someone’s child!” –Holly P.

Inspired by Tragedy

“The first time I donated was right after 9/11. It felt like something I needed to do. It was so quick, easy and offered so many potential benefits to people in need. I like to joke that my blood is perfect (A+) and people would be lucky to have it. But really, I am just doing what I can, when I can , for my community, because you never know when you or someone you love might need the help.” –Hilary M.

Returning the Gift

“My twin daughter were born 15 weeks premature and needed blood transfusions, which saved their lives. I’m forever grateful for those few teaspoons of blood someone so selflessly gave.” –Andrea L.

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  1. Todd A. Olson Posted on December 11, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    My wife and i first donated blood over twenty years ago. Once we arrived in Oregon i started to do platelet donations, now we do double plateletpheresis. We love the caring staff and always have fun with them. We are healthy and able to give blood and love the fact that we can help with people in need.

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