Lane Blood Center is constantly searching for people who have never donated blood. The blood bank must find these donors to replace those who drop off the donor rolls for many different reasons. The ideal new donor is a person who is just starting out in his or her adult life and who will make blood donation a regular part of that life. The Lane County high schools are an obvious target for recruiting this particular group and LBC has been conducting blood drives at these schools for many years. However, even though turnout at many schools increased dramatically when the minimum donating age was dropped to 16 (as permitted by Oregon state law), some other schools were producing meager results.

To allow more students to donate, Lane Blood Center has acquired equipment that allows us to set up blood drives in one large room. Many area high schools are now holding drives in their gymnasiums. The new set up allows as many as 100 students to particiapte on one day. To learn more about scheduling a blood drive at your school, see the high school handbook below.

For additional information on organizing a high school blood drive download the High School Handbook: