My Blood, Your Blood is an award-winning science education program that was designed by a team of physicians and educators as a low-prep time, turnkey package to be used either in the classroom or the home-school environment. Through sophisticated animation and microscopy, the My Blood, Your Blood program captures the imagination of students of all ages and helps foster an interest in science. The program also emphasizes the value of community service through blood donation and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The centerpiece of the My Blood, Your Blood project is the video program featuring interviews with blood recipients, students and biomedical researchers as well as state-of-the-art 3-D science animation to illustrate the concepts presented.

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Lane Blood Center faces the same challenge that all blood banks in the country face: it needs to increase the awareness of blood donation among the general population, but especially the younger generations so that these students can start making donation a part of their lives.

To help with this challenge, LMBB is pleased to offer this program FREE OF CHARGE to Lane County High Schools and Middle Schools. The blood bank will be glad to schedule a staff member to speak to classes. Field trips to the blood bank are also available upon request.

Call Cathie Conklin, LBC Marketing and Events Coordinator, at (541) 484-9111 for more information or email Cathie: [email protected]

An elementary level My Blood, Your Blood program is also available upon request.